The Skirt

With elasticated waist and side seam pockets

Two options: The Full Skirt and The Neat Skirt  [with less fabric]

Standard size: waist 28-30"  with stretch up to 40" to go over hips  length 31" or made to measure

Made to order,  lots of fabric choices

Maxi length available [selected fabrics]

Great doubled up with an NPB top!

Customer reviews: 

"It's SO beautiful, the material is gorgeous! I love it"

"I have worn my Neat Skirt every single day since i got it!”

"I have worn all my skirts this week. They are so versatile!  Also because they all hang differently due to fabric it doesn't feel like they are the same skirt"

"My handmade skirt of dreams arrived today"

"Received the skirt and top....looks great and has pockets!"

"Got the skirt, THANK YOU! LOVE THIS ONE TOO!"

"It's beautiful. Looking forward to wearing it"